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A call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose – Part 2

So, as a continuation of par 1, at any a point in time, wanting to authentically resolve a quest in mind, one follows the 5-step process of ….

Pause –> Connect –> Reflect –> Choose –> Continue in Gratitude

Let’s now explore each step in more detail:

Pause –

It is important to acquire a “stillness of mind” as the first step of engagement within this Authentic Self-enablement process. I order to do that one has to Pause from one’s involvement with current activities and enter into a relaxed state of body and mind by breathing deeply and slowly.

Connect –

The next step is to Connect with one’s deeper Authentic Self in order to feel centred within its presence, and as such operating in one’s best possible space of being; with the knowing that the resolution of one’s quest, with the relevant answers to one’s reflective questions, lies and comes from within!

Reflect –

Reflection is the third step in which one uses a specific reflection playbook for resolving a quest in mind. It is within this step that the actual inner Authentic Self-enablement conversation takes place!

An appropriate reflection playbook for a quest like ‘resolving a personal issue or challenge’ can be as follows:

  • What is this quest about (meaning what is the look /feel /experience of this personal issue or challenge to be resolved)?
  • What are the implications and consequences regarding this quest to me?
  • What is really at the core of this quest; and if negative, how can I reframe this positively?
  • So, what do I have to acknowledge, let go off and decide upon to make a resolution of this quest work for me, in the best possible way, but also for the highest and greatest good of all?
  • How will I benefit by having resolved this quest?

Choose –

The fourth step in the process is crucial in actually resolving the quest in mind. It is the step where one Chooses what to do – to tangibly realize the outcome of the resolution in mind. It is in this step that the foundation is laid for the appropriate action to be done.

Continue in Gratitude –

The final step of this Authentic Self-enablement process is to Continue by moving into action and to perform this action within an Attitude of Gratitude, and as such attracting all manner of support and synchronistic events along the way.

So, by doing this 5-step process from a place of authenticity:

One does in effect fulfil one’s Inherent Life Purpose in operating from the highest expression-of-being,

and as such

Reaping the tangible benefits from experiencing the fullness of who one truly is!

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