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A call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose – Part 1

The topic of my sharing today is about getting oneself into a state of being for best answering the call to one’s Inherent Life Purpose!

Most of us have adopted an “Existential” Life Purpose which has arisen from within the circumstances of our day-to-day living in order to fulfil a need or deficiency within our society or environment we are living in!

However, Neale Donald Walsch, who is well known by his writings regarding “Conversations with God“ made a statement – which I have paraphrase as follows:

‘Our “Inherent” Life Purpose is to experience the fullness of who we truly are; to rise to the highest expression-of being that any moment, that this entire lifetime, will allow!

As such, Neale has in effect highlighted an “Inherent” Life Purpose as an underlying “universal” purpose for all of mankind to pursue together!   

My question now is:

  • What is this “highest expression-of-being” about?
  • How am I to experience the fulness of this expression-of-being?
  • And most importantly – how am I to be enabled by … & benefit from … such an experiential state-of-being?

It is my impression that by connecting to our ever-present deeper Self – also known as our Authentic Self – as this highest expression-of-being:

#) We are experiencing the fulness of who we truly are  

and as such, with reference to Deepak Chopra  

*) Coming from an enabling space of pure potential with infinite possibilities!

It is also my experience that such a person, operating from a disposition of compassion, empathy, benevolence and unconditional love, has an inherent sense-of-oneness with the community he or she lives in.

This leads to:

  • appreciation and acceptance as well as surrender to a shared awareness of our Authentic Selves.
  • being inclusive, expressed as we, within the community; having relationships based on trust
  • operates primarily from intuition, expressed as an inner knowing and its associated inspiration, as well as an inherent feeling regarding what to do or not to do (as such from Universal Power) and doing it for the betterment of all!

Subsequently such a person, operating from within an enabling space of pure potential with infinite possibilities

Is attracting auspicious circumstances and synchronistic occurrences that support him or her in the best possible way for the highest and greatest good of all.

Part 2 will be about the application of an Authentic Self-enablement process to resolve a quest in mind!

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