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Everything you want already exists in your vibrational reality waiting for you to receive it.

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What emotions am I avoiding?

My uninspired soul is trying to tell me something and it’s time I stop to listen.

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What if money’s only a vibration?

Once you’ve pinpointed the emotion you’ve attached to money, you’ll understand whatever’s blocking your financial flow and realise it’s a lie you’re telling yourself.

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The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I love how it inspires me to look beyond the superficial and dare to dream…

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Lessons I learn from being childlike once a week

Maybe it’s the child in me or maybe it’s because I’m still growing up, but this week it felt as if Barney was speaking directly to me!

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How this little angel realigned my life…

After being self-employed for almost twenty years, I had become accustomed to revolving everything around my business.

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Emotions: The key to your marketing ROI

What if your emotions towards marketing determine the outcome more than the effort you put into it?

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"For work you give another there should always be an exchange of energy." St. Germain

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