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Telling Louise’s story: (Pt.1) There is More to Life


I have been working with Creative Impact Agent (CIA) Louise Mosley from Louise NB Coaching to share her story of how she came to support individuals to find their flow in business and in life 🕺

Louise had a successful career with a large pharmaceutical company until she realised that something was missing. While sitting at her office desk watching the planes take off, she used to daydream about the passengers’ adventures. So it wasn’t long until she decided to do something about it. Her and her partner started a new life in Honduras and it was there that she started getting more focused and creating clarity about what would get her in Flow.

Watch the video to learn more details about her story. Louise has now been assisting people to find clarity for many years and she has put all her experience into a 12-week programme that will help you spend more time in FLOW in your business doing the things you love 🤸‍♂️ Part of the programme will help you discover your unique skills and how to leverage them in your Marketing skills. You will also learn how to create effective collaborations that facilitate your flow rather than inhibit it! Louise is backed up by six experts who each will present a vital topic to consider if you want a more flowing and rewarding business.

If you would like to know more about the Programme that kicks off in January, check it out at the following link:

As not to let finances get in the way of you joining, Louise has created various payment options to help you with this.

If you feel like your business has become hard work and that you’re spending less time doing the things that you like, join the Focused and In Flow Programme to make your 2022 a fun year 🙃

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